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Happy to. I like this site a lot for the general nature of it and at times better than the experts, I haunt this one more than the others as I like the wide range of interests.

This place has a lot of parts for the 1917 (Numrich as noted has some as well)

This is the tear-down of the gun. The only place its wrong is taking the pins out when you remove the upper hand guards and the ring. Just spread the sling ring a bit and it slides over just fine, easy and no messing with pins.

This is the tear down of the bolt. I cut a washer up so it horse collars over it and more secure than the nickle. Having the nickle or washer in there also deactivates the cocking part and allows you to head space it and not destroy the gauge with the cock on close feature.

CMP Forum site has some good experts. John Bear, Rick the Librarian and Chuck in Denver are all very informed.

and the following is pretty active and " Chuck in Denver" who is one of the true experts is on both sites."

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