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good buys on EBR Items

this isn't what you think I swear. we have all read the threads and the hype that there are no more magazines for AR15s, AK47/74s, Mini14/30s and the ammo is jumping above $1 per round. on the other hand nobody seems to pay much attention to the threads that people start showing good deals or just stuff in stock for normal price. if this thread is allowed to continue through this current hysteria it would serve as a public service announcement and possibly bring some of the panic down a notch or two.

this is not a thread for complaining about gauging, availability or questionable business practices. it has nothing to do with an impending gun ban and if politics is brought up I will probably request the thread is closed myself as I am getting a little tired of the heated debates over conjecture.

centerfire systems is advertising:
AR15 30rd mags $20, not the best price for steelies but in stock at least

M14/M1A 20 rd mags $25

AK47 40 round mags $20

let's hear your bargain hunting results.
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