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I've had a number of gunsmith-tuned CZs, and several semi-custom 1911s.

It's a very uncommon non-1911 that can offer a trigger that is quite as crisp or clean as a 1911, but one of my CZs (a 75B SA) almost did that, and a custom AT-84s that I still shoot is also very close. As is an older T-series BHP I've had for a while (with magazine break removed.)

I have several SA SIGs (a P220 Super Match, and a P226 X-FIVE Competition) and a Gray Guns-tuned DA/SA P228 that have excellent triggers. I once had a factory-stock P210-6 that had a trigger that seemed just as clean and crisp as a well-tuned 1911.

I would argue that after you reach a certain modest level of refinement, a FINE trigger is mostly good for BRAGGING RIGHTS, but doesn't really help the shooter improve his/her (or the gun's) practical performance.

A great 1911 trigger is a joy to experience, but a good CZ trigger is also a good, albeit different experience. Let's not make too big a thing out of either type of experience.
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