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Originally Posted by ClydeFrog
He told the host about a big training seminar in 1995 of top level instructors/LE-spec ops/intel officers who used Simunition in a training drill. 120 out of the 130 were KILLED! Only Ayoob and 1 other member(a criminal psychologist) were able to eliminate the threat.
Yeah, I've been to training seminars like that, and while I like force-on-force training, many times the instructors will set up a scenario that can't be won. Especially if they set up the scenario and don't let you use all the tools, all the maneuver, all the things that are commonly available in a fight. I've been subjected to some of those and all it teaches you is soak up bullets valiantly.

The best scenarios have the fewest rules, and teach you to think under fire. They also have good debriefs, where others can learn from your mistakes. The place to make mistakes is in training.
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