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What is the difference between say a Remington Model 750 and an AR-15? As far as functionality goes I see no real difference. Am I correct in saying that the difference is only the way they look? Wood grain stock as opposed to a black composite stock?
The AR is superior. It is designed to shoot a larger number of rounds in a shorter period of time without overheating. It is also arguably more rugged and reliable as well as likely being better built depending upon the maker. Accuracy is a wash all else equal but I would give the nod to the AR.

One is a Ford Focus, the other is a Ford Taurus.

Could you build a better 750 that is designed to a larger number of rounds in a shorter period of time without overheating as quickly? Indeed you could.

Could you then change the furniture on it to make it appear more like an AR? Indeed you can.

Could you make a larger capacity magazine for it? Change the caliber? Make it more accurate? Yes, yes and yes.

This is why the smart (forgive the oxymoron) gun control people know in their hearts that they must ban all guns.
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