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the range officer who sold me that ammo assured me it was OK to shoot in my Glock
That was your mistake. Buying reloads from your local "Joe Reloader" can be a disaster waiting to happen.

He may have 25 years of reloading under his belt but, that still does not make him a licensed, insured company that can legally sell you reloaded ammo.

My guess is that was not a +P+ load but, rather a double charged load. "+P+ loads are loader and have more recoil but, not enough to do what you described happening to your Glock.

Glock's advice to shoot NO reloads
I don't know of any gun companies that don't say that in a disclaimer.

But, yet there are 100's of thousands or reloaded rounds safely being fired each month in these same guns that the companies say not to. It's the cover your rear clause that they put in the disclaimers for those few that don't follow rules or made a simple mistake.
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