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Loading into the lands used to be a common bench rest technique. You have to be aware it can cause pressure to increase about 20%, so you need to work your load up with the bullet out there and watching for pressure signs. Many have found some bullet/chamber combinations work still better seated deeper, so that's not as common as it used to be.

.30-06, .308, and .223 have all got a variety of match chamber reamers out there, so it is certainly possible to get a chamber intentionally made with a short throat, but I doubt Savage did that. It seems more likely that, since Savage headspace can be set by how far you screw the barrel in, that your's is just slightly tight. Any gunsmith should be able to check with a headspace gauge.

The SAAMI standard chamber geometry is in the lower drawing, here. It shows that rather than a freebore, the standard .30-06 chamber has what's sometimes called a ball throat, which is just a 22 minute angle down into the rifling that begins 2.5228" forward of the breech and is down to bore diameter by 2.7442" from the breech. Those are minimum numbers with a +0.015" tolerance. I don't know a special name for that particular measurement.
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