Thread: 1911 vs CZ-75?
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I detail stripped it, polished some parts and used a fine diamond hone on the hammer and sear to knock down the rough machining... The improvement was worth the effort, but still far short of a 1911.
No amount of dry firing or actual firing improved it further.
I thought about replacing the hammer with the competition version, however it came out of the factory with far too much slop with the safety on - the hammer would rock back too much/far with the safety on and pressure on the trigger.
That sealed it for me, I didnt think it would be safe as-is with the competition hammer installed.

For me CZ's and 1911's are on opposite sides.
One I'd unquestionably trust for defense but find barely tolerable at the range.
The other I really enjoy shooting but wouldnt typically rely on it for defense.
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