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the trigger

While my preference for the 1911 is based on many aspects of its design and function, I will focus on the trigger.

I can think of no other handgun which has such a great trigger action (I am excluding thumb-cocked double actions like a S&W revolver as this is about defensive shooting and fast follow-up shots). It can be set to have a "take up" of less than 1/16th of an inch, travel to "let-off" of about 1/8", and "reset" to about 1/8". It can also be made to break like the proverbial glass rod with no creep. This ideal trigger action makes for consistent function and accuracy. This makes quick accurate follow-up shots easier for me than any other pistol which is a requirement for a defensive pistol.

I have done the Dozier Drill (five Pepper Poppers at three yards, start holstered facing away) in under three seconds.

When I shoot a Glock with trigger travel of about 1/2" stuff happens. My joints creak and tendons jump which cause me to have lower consistency and accuracy.
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