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Two points of view...

There are two basic points of view when it comes to SA handguns.

The first is what I call "traditionalists". They want a Colt, or something the same size and shape as a Colt. Some of them play cowboy games, other's just love the classic Colt.

Some of them are even a bit snobbish about it.

The second point of view should, I figure, be considered "non-traditionalist", but I just consider them folks, like me. People who like the style and handling of the SA revolver, but aren't fixated on it being a Colt, or clone. We don't care much about if it has four clicks or a transfer bar. We sometimes even put oversize rubber grips on them ().

We buy Rugers, and sometimes other brands. For me, high end, high dollar SA guns are nice to look at, but my budget is hamburgers, not steak & lobster.

Been shooting a Blackhawk .45 convertible going on 30 years now. I currently have 10 Ruger SA revolvers in different barrel lengths and flavors. 8 of them are big bore (.44 or .45). For the money, there is no better buy in an SA revolver, in my opinion.

I handload my own ammo, don't play cowboy games, and while I have hit the outer limits of power in my guns, (just to know what it was), for decades all my .45 Colt shooting has been with one basic load, a slight step up from the standard factory level.

A 250gr swc at 1100fps (7.5"barrel) does everything I've ever asked a revolver to do, and is not so heavy recoiling that you can't shoot it all day (at least, for me).

Got no use for the powder puff cowboy loads (except, if I find the ammo cheap enough, I'll get it for the brass). IF I want a light recoiling plinker, .45ACP in the big Blackhawk is really mild shooting. I could load lighter in the .45 Colt, but don't bother to.

Now, the .44 Mag is a slightly differnt beast. My 7.5" Super Blackhawk is a nice gun (I traded a .44Mag Vaquero for it,) but has just enough of a different "feel" from my Blackhawks/Vaqueros that its not my favorite.

Same for my 5.5" .45colt New Vaquero. ITs a very nice gun, but it is the same size as a Colt, (which, after decades shooting bigger guns, makes it seem...small) and I don't really care for the grips...but its a personal matter, and you might love one.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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