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What concerns me is the OP does not appear to be careful in the original storage of the primers; ie, they got wet, and we then read the primers are stored in a glass jar. It's difficult to convince myself that the lack of attention to detail will have a good ending in reloading.
Things happen. In this case it was a flooded area that had nothing to do with anyone being careless.

You then roll this over into reloading practice (vs ignorance) and make assumptions. I am not trying to convince you of my reloading prowess. It would be better to ask what occurred rather than making a sequence of assumptions.

I also understand this is not a normal issue and stated that I do not recommend anyone do it.

And I deliberately posted not only to get response but lessons for all of us as well and I think some excellent and very illuminating information that would not otherwise come out.

I too am curious on what led to the primers going boom in their box? Spontaneous or induced?

Agreed the glass jar is a grenade and will remedy that (carefully and agreed on dropping things)

Pre primed shells stored in the same area had erratic ignition so I have good reason to think the primers may have been affected. The dry out process was a precaution as I do want to re-use (and do not recommend anyone else do that). Pre primed were not attempted to be dried out.
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