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That's the opposite of what I said. I mean, the total opposite. All he can do is direct stricter enforcement of current laws.
Ok - please follow with me here..

Suppose the "impossible" were to happen and Feinstien get's her abomination passed.
Now, an unknown number of semi auto firearms fall under the NFA tax, which appears to be set at $200.00 by :
Title 26 › Subtitle E › Chapter 53 › Subchapter A › Part II › § 5811
of the US code.

Could not an executive order then be used to modify the $200.00 tax and raise it to ~ $3,500.00?

carguychris pointed out in the other thread:
"FWIW according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, $200 in 1934 dollars is equal to $3,436 in 2012 dollars"

I can even see where something along that line would make it past a SC challange.

FWIW - I don't see this presently having a snowballs chance of happening.
I'm just wondering if it's a legal use of an EO and would it fall under the guidelines?
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