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Help me with this Spanish Mauser

Been wanting a Spanish for awhile now but I seldom see them in stores. And... I don't know much about them.

I can't tell if this one is a carbine or if it has been chopped. The barrel seems to be about 20" in length, and perhaps part of the handguard has been removed? Did they make these in carbine length?

Store has it listed for $155. Not a lot of cash to be sure, but the one guy who can headspace it isn't there and won't be there tomorrow (and today is about the only day i'll be in town for the next year... so its either buy today, or pass). It's been in the store for quite awhile, from what I understand... and since I cant be sure if it's safe to shoot, it will be a $155 gamble since a new bolt, or barrel, or whatever else would be required to get it to headspace could easily exceed the price of the rifle.

Given this limited bit of information, and the rather sorry pictures I took in the store... pass, or buy? I am not looking for a rare piece, I just like shooting mil surp rifles (I have 8 now).... but I don't necessarily want to buy a problem, especially if it has ZERO collector value.
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