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To each his own, I guess. I feel no need to shoot +P ammo with the safe Double Tap ammo available for most any calibers.

I confess, Glock's advice to shoot NO reloads made a believer out of me - I had bought a box of "factory reloads" - feeling they were "different" than reloads done by more or less amateurs - and shot them through my Glock 23. The last round in the magazine was louder than anything on the range - the magazine was blown out and the slide was really locked back - and there were several internal parts broken - though easily replaced - I felt lucky to have had no injury though, I sure would have had if I hadn't been wearing eye protection - my face was well sprayed with fine stuff it took some weeks to disappear.

Everyone on the range stopped shooting for a while so we could evaluate the situation - the range officer who sold me that ammo assured me it was OK to shoot in my Glock concluded it happened because my gun must have been dirty - I never have any guns dirty enough to cause such.

My thoughts are you might get away with shooting +P and +P+ in your guns and never find out it's not a good idea - until your gun blows up in your hand - and face - not a good experience, believe me.

The Double Tap stuff is a little pricey but, for limited shooting - is some fun - don't know it's really good for much except fun shooting - possibly more effective in personal defense - but- I doubt it.

I confess I've shot some Buffalo Bore .38 special ammo in my .357 revolvers - but - that's a whole different story than shooting +P in autoloaders IMHO. The .357 revolvers are strong and don't have reciprocating parts - Also, I've always suspected BB makes the +P claim mainly to sell ammo for those who shoot .38 special ammo in .357 revolvers - more power than .38 special but less recoil than .357 ammo - it's what my wife carries in her Ruger GP 100.

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