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Ammo for it will never be cheap.
If you learned to handload, it would be cheaper than factory 30-06 ammo....... in fact, Hornady's 6.8SPC hunting ammo is cheaper than their 30-06 hunting ammo..... there is less material cost than larger calibers, and the only thing that keeps it expensive is that it is not as common as some other calibers. It will be cheap (comparatively) if it becomes more common.

It wasnt developed for hunting.
Neither was the 30-06.

It is what it is.
What it IS ..... is a cartridge that fits in the AR platform, and gives both more muzzle energy and more retained energy (nearly 2X @300 yards) than the .223/5.56x45...... being a shorter, stockier cartridge using heavier bullets, it loses less performance than the 5.56 when used in shorter barrels.
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