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Completely agree with everything you're saying. My situation is a bit unique as I live in a state with the AWB still in effect. So I carry a 10+1 as the largest capacity I can have without going to pre-ban magazines (which introduce their own complications).

I tend to keep my mouth shut in the types of threads extolling the virtues of mouse guns, because it just creates arguments. But something people should keep in mind is your gun is only as effective as you are with it. Can you hit the CNS reliably under stress? If not, your .380 is pretty useless.

The only thing I would add to DHart's post is whatever you are spending on your gun should be insignificant compared to the amount you spend on ammo and training. Your confidence should not come from the fact that you have a gun, but that you know you can use it effectively if the time comes.

I chose my signature based on the idea that discussing all these cool new wizbang guns is entertaining for sure, but it needs to be kept in context. Ultimately the gun and ammo is the least important consideration on whether the system will work or not. The gun is a tool, you are the weapon.
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