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the front sight cut is pretty standard. you shouldn't have a problem replacing it with one that matches the rear wvsig showed you. you definitely get more when you spend over $1000 on a 1911. if that wasn't true, i wouldn't own any. i'm just saying i didn't gain anything performance-wise with my higher dollar 1911's. yes the sti is a little gaudy in my opinion, but for a shooter it's fine. it's a BARGAIN at $600. the closest 1911 i have price-wise is the colt defender, but you can't really compare a 3in with a 5in. the next closest i have is the colt gold cup. performance-wise, the spartan v holds just as accurate out to 10yds as the gold cup. i've never shot either at 25yds, but i would imagine it would hold up as well as i know my custom build does at that distance. it FAR outperforms my kimber grand raptor (sold) at any distance.

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