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a 4" 500 is on my to buy list yet...

I got the chance to shoot one, ( a 4" ) at the Shooters Roundup at Ahlmans this fall... about what I expected... funny, on their limited range, I had a couple targets that fell down from one shot... too much concussion in the confined space... I guess I'm used to that type of concussion, as I have 14" ported 45-70 barrel for my Contender, & a 50 A.E. ported Automag 5, & a Dan Wesson 357 Super Magnum

I don't like the longer barrel guns( anything longer than 6" )... I understand, higher velocity, longer sight radius, but I'm a dummy, who can't seem to keep his support hand back of the barrel / cylinder gap on muzzle heavy guns, this can be quite dangerous on higher pressure cartridge guns... my 30 carbine blackhawk has burned me multiple times... I don't relish having my fingers look like the early hot dog videos that were out when the X frame 1st came out... not afraid of them... just got to respect that barrel cylinder flash from the big guys
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