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"FMJ vs TMJ. FMJ RN vs FMJ FN. FMJ vs JHP. Given identical bullet weight, do these differences make much difference in powder charge, starting or maximum loads?"

The nose configuration has no effect on powder charges. Construction and seating depth/burn space will matter but not very much unless you're loading on the ragged edge of a KABOOM. Starting loads are intended to be more than safe for any bullet or firearm type. Normal 'work-up' in small steps will take care of establishing a rational max charge. As we approach excessive pressures in a handgun an attentive shooter will be aware of harder than normal recoil that will batter the piece without shattering it immediately IF the reload development is being done correctly.

IF we really needed bullet specific loading data for every bullet made there are a LOT of bullets we couldn't use because no one does book development for such individuals. That's because it isn't necessary, just use normal book data for the bullet weight and general type (jacketed/cast) you're using and go.

Good luck!
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