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I've got a couple bolt actions I haven't shot my 25-06 much, but seem the accuracy is there... 7-08 is very versitile ( I don't have one, but do have a 7 X 57, & a new to me custom 7 Remington Mag, as well as several 7mm Contender barrels in TCU's & etc. ) but may still consider a 7-08, as it's a very ballanced cartridge...

a couple others to look at... 280 Remington, 35 Whelen ( I just picked up an unfired 70's Remington 700 in 35 Whelen, so I'm pushing that cartridge in hopes to get a couple guys on here reloading ) maybe the 7mm short mag... how about a 6.5 X 284, since you're just punching paper ??? or even 6.5 X 55 ???

if you're just looking at buying one of the 1st 2 you listed... both would be good choices, me personally, I'd probably go 7-08
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