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My cheap .257 weatherby is on the very top of my list of favorites!! Its a weatherby vangaurd S2, supposedly gauranteed to shoot an inch or less at 100 yrds (with weatherby ammo) I reload so mine has never seen a factory round nor will it. My gun shoots a half inch group at 100 yrds with 80 grain barnes ttsx bullets, and goes over my chrono at 3700 fps! . I always liked the .25-06 and that's what inspired me to give the .257 weatherby a try and I'm sure glad I did! I didn't buy the rifle to target shoot, I'm a hunter and my plan was a hotrod whitetail deer cartridge, and that's exactly what I ended up with! If my plan were to shoot target only I would definately go with the 25-06 over the .257 weatherby simply cause barrel life will be much better in the 25-06
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