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On Wed morning I believe, I watched the broadcast news morning shows, to see what the tone of the MSM was on guns.

On CBS they basically condemned the action of publishing the addresses. They had a current, or former, I can't remember which, assistant NYPD Chief, he made the point that 40% of the published list are current and former NYPD officers. And of course the points were made about burglary.

It would be something indeed, if the next school shooter steals his neighbor's gun, while they're on vacation, because he knew they had one from the list. They didn't raise that possibility on the TV, but the Chief made the point, that the most likely would be burglars, would be people who lived in the same neighborhood and knew their neighbors were gone.

I know I find this sort of thing despicable myself, especially from the same kinds of people that are probably against a sex offender registry. Oh no, the poor little child molesters have rights, lawful gun owners on the other hand are potential child killers, it their twisted view.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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