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I have used the same +P+ Ranger 127gn load I now shoot in my two Glocks, in a Beretta 92FS, a Browning HiPower, a Sig P6, and a S&W 469. No issues in any of them. No flattened primers, no unusual case bulges, nothing. As far as recoil and control, it feels like shooting a...9mm.
I like this particular round because it is high quality, it is a well designed bullet, and in every pistol I have fired it in, it provides a high level of accuracy. In fact, I would go so far as to say I have fired the tightest groups of any ammo I have tried in all of the above firearms. It is also a round with a lot of street history in LEO shootings, showing performance at the upper end of 9mm loads.
If others are afraid to use this high quality ammo, that is fine...more for me.
As far as DoubleTap, I have used their ammo in several different calibers. It is good ammo. However, I have read several chrono tests which show lower velocities than what DoubleTap claims. My feeling is DoubleTap, while good ammo, does not perform to the level it's price should reflect.
While I have not tried either Underwood of Buffalo Bore, their ammo seems to test closer to their velocity claims.
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