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After a while I got curious about a Lube-A-Sizer. Lyman and RCBS makes them. These use a sizing die with holes that allow lube to fill the lube grooves while sizing. These push in base 1st using a top punch that is shaped for the particular bullets nose you are sizing. You end up collecting quite a few top punches and sizing dies.
These work by pushing the bullet into the die and pulling it back out. While pressure pushes lube into the lube grooves.
I have a RCBS LAM and a Ideal#1

After a while, Esp if you buy a 45acp carbine. You will find your self unable to keep up with the demand for projectiles.
After purchasing a 1000 copper plated bullets. You decide a increase in production is in order.
Time to pony up for the STAR Lube sizer. You can knock out a 1000 bullets in the time it takes for your wife to figure out you have sneaked off to the loading room.

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