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Speaking of marijuana, aren't many who want new gun laws, the same ones who claim the war on drugs is a failure and often cite the fact of easy availability, as one proof prohibitions do no good?

Its an undeniable fact that cities like Chicago and DC have high gun crime rates, yet have tough gun laws. How do they suppose that tough national laws, won't just be ignored by criminals and the black market?

If they claim that Chicago and DC's problem is because other States have easy availability and lax laws...What about Mexico? Do they suppose the cartels couldn't smuggle weapons, as easy as the do drugs? Do they really suppose that most of the millions of semi-auto rifles out there now, will actually get turned in?

I know my opinion must be jaded, given my pro-gun stance, but how am I wrong? How will the silly new laws they propose actually help?
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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