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I know what the OP is asking. Still, wadcutters, at any speed, are not suitable Self Defense bullets.

A wadcutter is a cheap bullet. It happens to fly as good as a more expensive hardcast bullet does without the extra expense of a hadcast bullet. The wadcutter was designed for cutting a nice, clean, easy to score, bullet hole in a friendly B27 Target standing still in broad daylight minding its own business.

Wadcutters were not designed for...penetration, not designed for controled exspansion. Wadcutters have never been loaded or recommended for neither hunting nor for Self Defense purposes. Wadcutters were never used by Winchester or Remington or Federal or CCI for Military or LE carry loads.

Some individuals have reloaded birdshot, salt, sand, glass, scrap metal, darts, and blanks, for their 38 Special SD payloads for reasons unknown, including Recoil Avoidance I guess. America, in some States, is still a free country. You don't need my permission, please, load what ever you like. But remember, even Chief Brody knew not to use wadcutters.

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