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Scotchman, thanks for your comment. This is something I've studied and given a considerable amount of thought to for many years.

The popular trend for the last few years has been to seek out the smallest, lightest, and invariably, the lowest capacity least capable pistols possible for concealed carry duty. You know the type, LCP, various .380s, PM9, P938... tiny guns with low capacity and greater likelihood of malfunction. I have a couple of them myself (PM9 and P938). They are convenient, handy, and cool little guns. BUT, these choices are folly when you consider the magnitude of the task, should they truly have to be drawn and used in a defensive encounter.

Most people can easily and fairly comfortably concealed carry a gun like the G19 or 9C, yet they seem to believe that they simply must carry something smaller, lighter, and much less up to the job of serious defense duty. If and when the day comes that they actually have to attempt to defeat true evil up close and personal, they will wish they had more gun with them.

I repeat...
You carry a gun so that if your worst nightmare comes true and you find yourself facing evil up close and personal, you will have the best chance of prevailing against 1, perhaps 2 or more threats. In such a case, you would pray to have at LEAST 10+1, 12+1, or much better 15+1 or 17+1 rounds on tap. Last thing you want is to be at slide lock when you're still trying desperately to stay alive and your adversaries are mere seconds away, closing in on you, and/or still firing on you.

Don't count on being able to effectively reload when you are in the middle of a seconds-long encounter... MUCH better to start out with 16 rounds on tap from the get go.

Carry the most gun you would like to have when you really need it, rather than the least gun you can find which barely qualifies as a capable gun fighting tool.

My vote for an easy to carry, capable CCW? In descending order... G17, G19, 9C, or at bare minimum a G26. Personally, I've been carrying either the G17 (17+1) or the G19 (15+1) in recent years with Federal 124gr. HST and find them easy to have around me at all times, easy to shoot well, fast with follow-up shots, plenty accurate, and stone reliable.

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