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Thanks for the responses. At least the ones that had anything to do with the question I posed. From the answers and since asking the question here borrowing a 380 and doing a little testing of my own Ive come to these conclusions.
1 Almost all of the good folks responding had at least civil well thought out opinions based on their experience.
2 Given the choice I would rather be the shooter than the shootee even using a bb gun. (I knew that one already)
3 That leather isnt bullet proof but a heavy biker jacket and vest will pretty much take the starch out of a 380 to do much else than get thru it. (Finally just broke over and checked that out for myself)
4. That L_KillKenny has no reading comprehension. Or just doesnt like bikers which Im used to and can live with either way.
5. And lastly that though I am in no way knocking the 380 and smaller calibers, a 9mm is probably the lightest caliber I probably should be depending on , 357 and 45 likely being what I should stick with.
Happy New Year and thanks to all of you.
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