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A lot of it comes down to price and speed. You can reload without spending a great deal of money. Lee has a few budget setups that will work. You mentioned pistol reloading. Unless you are only planning to reload small amounts of pistol ammo, I suggest going with a turret as a minimum. A single stage will make great ammo if you are doing your part.

The Dillon 550 has one version at starts out as a minimum press and you can add to it until it has everything to become an RL550B. The 550 can be used as a single stage more or less. It can also be used similar to a turret by only inserting one case and advancing it one position at a time in until it is completed before doing the next case. Each position is able to have the case easily installed and remove. It is also able to be used as a progressive with manual indexing. Once you get the feel of it, it works well. The Dillon 550 is not cheap and will last a life time at the minimum with proper maintenance. This can also be said of several other presses lasting a life time.

The Lee Classic Turret press seems to be the best value for the money spent in the turret category.

I would suggest not getting a slower press than the turret for pistol loading if you plan to load more than a box of ammo at a time. Single stage presses are just plain slow. Not everyone needs a progressive press either. Yes, you can produce a lot of pistol ammo per hour. They cost a lot more than a turret. You are paying for the speed and reduced effort in some cases. Remember one other thing with loading more rounds per hour. You still have to pay for the components to load. It gets expensive feeding a progressive press. I have reduced my time reloading per session to 20 minutes to 1 hour at a time. This still provides me with enough ammo to shoot and still leave me some components to load later. I like to reload a few nights a week. I do use a 550b now. I have used a single stage years ago. It provided me with the box or two of ammo per week and that was about all I could afford to shoot at the time. So it was a good match. The 550 might be more press than I really need but I also like it. Take in to consideration funds, time and how much ammo you shoot. This will help you get the right press.
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