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People have different body chemistry. Some people's sweat is very acidic and will attack steel, even "stainless". I have known several guys who could handle your stainless gun on a hot day and make it rust. Didn't hardly believe it until I saw it. The only thing you can really do is pull the grips off as soon as possible if you have been shooting it and wipe and oil the steel. The sweat creeps under the grips due to capillary action. It takes very little time for it to attack the metal. There are what's called "polarizing oils" available that supposedly neutralize the acid and stop the corrosion. Brownells used to sell it. Birchwood Casey has a product called "Sheath" that will neutralize acid, I used it for years at gunshows to keep all of our displays from getting messed up from all of the customer's hands while they walked around eating pepperoni pizzas and handling the guns. It worked great. None of my guns have ever done this but it does happen to some people. Keep in mind that any kind of grease or oil you apply under the grips will soak into most wood grips. Stop eating all of those pepperoncinis.

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