Thread: 1911 vs CZ-75?
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apples to apples, not volkswagons..

the only way you can compare the 2 is a 1911 is single action..the Cz should be single action as well..
then both would have a short trigger..

a smith tuned 85 combat single action, compared to a series 70 1911.. as both have no firing pin block..

well the comparison is harder than you would believe..
both are clean and crisp..and have short resets..
a slight amount of camming in the cz..

yes a cz can have a very good trigger..(but usually not stock)

but in stock trim with a d/a,s/a trigger on the cz, vs a 1911, I'll take the an equal comparison..s/a to s/a..
I like them both..
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