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For me in the trigger department there is no comparison. Even if you send the CZ out for a trigger job it is not going to have the same straight back clean pull of a 1911, even a $600 production 1911.

The STI is a good gun but it is basically a Armscor frame and slide assembled with a few STI parts on a separate line in the Philippines. I personally do not like their styling and the billboard on them but if you like their look they are solid performers. The quote that is posted about them getting final QC in the US is IMHO overstating what really happens. Not every guns is inspected by STI in TX. They are batch QC'd and then batch blessed.

The CZ has some advantages over a 1911 in 9mm. Capacity and the ability to carry it DA/SA but it is a different animal entirely when it comes to the trigger. Every single CZ will present some amount of camming in the trigger pull. Some are worse than others. Most of the camming action can be removed but even with trigger work from people like CZ customs or Cajun Gun Works it will still be there. It is inherent in the design. This does not make the CZ a bad gun. It is in fact a great gun but it is not without its issues.
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