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About high dollar 1911s being worth it, maybe there is something to it; I don't know. I held a SS Springfield 1911 that a gun shop was selling for $675 used, and I liked it. It felt great, but to say it's twice as good as a 1911 that you can get for $500 is a stretch. Just my personal experience. I also held and cycled through a Taurus 1911 9mm that belonged to one of the employees at the range I went to on Saturday and I was rather surprised by it.

The CZ 2075 RAMI looks pretty good. Very small, but it looks good. I just can't help but think of all the people who carry full size guns all the time and don't have any problem with it. I guess this is something I need to think more about. I haven't personally ever carried a gun so I have no idea how awkward or annoying it might be to carry something larger.

CZ-75s for $775 each!??! That's asinine. I have no doubt that's due entirely to the artificial inflation caused by recent events.
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