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Rossi Model 851 "Colt Diamondback clone"

Hi folks!

I keep running across this particular revolver, so I ask for your input, please?

Rossi Model 851, 6-shot, service size blued revolver. Four-inch full inderlugged barrel with Diamondback-style ribbing on the top of barrel. The barrel does not have that little extra, that was mounted on the crown of the real Diamondback. Target sights are adjustable. It is DA/SA, with the safety lock on the hammer. The cylinder release is more Sand W, then the tubular Colt design. Chambered in .38 Special. The black composite grips are checkered, with three finger grooves.

I think, without handling the revolver, that the composite grips do nothiing to add to the eye factor. I was thinking of finding a good set of wood grips, to further the 'clone' idea.

Do any of you nice folks have any other information on this particular revolver? Present price range, is an easy 1/3 of what most folks are asking for an out-of-production revolver.

Thank you.
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