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Thank you for that info I was curious. Not too happy about the slide being the folded steel. :/ Yes, it's cause I don't know much about it.

It shot like a champ today. Just had jams on the last round here and there which I predicted with it being a "promag".

Also, thanks for the link. I just bought one of the mags from them to try it out.

I also did a detailed strip on the P220 today. Seems like the person before me never did it. I'll post a pic of that from my phone in a second.

I can't wait till the new mag comes in along with those grips. Not the original rosewood ones I wanted, but way better than the hogue.

I had to shave down the inside of the hogue grip earlier. After that flawless cleaning from the detail strip...that spring/wire on the right side that's attached to the trigger bar, was brushing up against the grip and making a "thunk" noise. I shaved that inside down the best I could with a dremel using the sandpaper wheel. Now it's fine... Weird though, wasn't doing that before when I was function testing with snap caps.
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