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Unclenick, I have been mentioning the importance of taking note of the volume under the bullet (and observing that COL/OAL/COAL is a proxy for that measurement) and see that the formula you posted is a lot simpler than my (too wordy) explanations. Thanks for that.

Do you think that web thickness has an appreciable effect on the case volume and do you think that dimension should be taken into account or would that be gilding the lily?

I have marveled at your expertise and wisdom in the past and never thought to ask this question until now.


Lost Sheep

p.s. Seating depth is a useful term all right. (Distance from the base of the bullet to the mouth of the case and pretty much tells you how much contact is being made between the inside of the case and the side of the bullet, which is nice to know.)

What term describes the distance from the top surface of the web of the case to the base of the bullet? Is there one?

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