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Just curious, where can you get the E2 grips or do you have to purchase the 220 with the E2 grips already on it? I have a 226 9mm with E2 grips but the grips were already on the gun when I bought it.

I happen to like the E2 grips. I don't have a 220 but if I were to get one, I would probably want the E2 grips.
I'm not a fan of the e2 grips. Hence the change.

I think, and I may be wrong, but you can buy it without the e2 grips and to go to it, you just need to buy a decocker. I HEARD!

Me? I went from My SIG P226 e2 that came with the grips, and I just bought normal grips and they slapped right on. So I don't know if I really believe what I heard before I did that for myself. I actually swapped my e2's with my uncles old P226R and both guns were fine.
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