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I'd say the Ruger edges over many manufactures including the S&W when it comes to action reliability/ feeding/ ejec. etc.
That's not been my experience w/the 4 Ruger Mark I and Mark II that I've owned.
All 4 suffered from the Ruger "after thought feed ramp"...the little piece of the reciever that Ruger stamps out and calls it a feed ramp.
My one .22/45 Mark II is worlds better about it than the other three - but - even it will hic up sometimes on less than 40 grain hollow points.

OTOH - my 22/s doesn't care what it gets fed.
None of my Buckmarks do either, nor does my CZ Kadet, my High Standard or my Ciener .22 conversion.

Having said that.....I like and shoot my one Ruger .22/45 Mark II more than all the other .22 pistols I own.
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