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At Sniper School last year one of the Instructors put a first round hit on a Full Size steel silhouette at 200 yards with a Wilson Combat Comander. When the Lucky Shot comment was made he put a second round on target.
Pretty Impressive shooting for a measured 200 yards.

Back in 1971 or 1972 I was at a match at Ft Benning. A gunsmith was working on a 1911 on a side range. I was watching him work. He loaded several magazines then opened up on a target at 50 yards, and shot the center out of it. That was still some of the best shooting I have ever seen with an open sight semi auto.

On the subject of a justified long range shooting. I read a story a while back. Problem started over a dog I believe. Then a neighbor ended up shooting the owner of the dog and his wife. The shooter set up to ambush the Police. Another neighbor who was watching everything go down brought the perp under fire at something like 140 yards with a 357 Magnum, and best I remember connected 3 out of 5. Not bad shooting at all. He probably saved the Officer.

I shoot my Hunting Revolver at 50 yards a fair amount. That is my prefered engagement distance for deer. I also shoot at 100 yards, which I consider to be pretty well my maximum distance for a clean ethical shot. If I am on with accurate ammo I can work over Pop cans at 100 yards off of a rest.

If you want to be impressed shoot a Contender using a Bipod and a sand sock under the butt for elevation adjustment. A good shooting Contender with a scope of 6 to 10 Power will put most deer rifles to shame at 100 yards with an experianced Contender shooter operating it.

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