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Take a look at my experience here:
(From MarlinOwners - 07-06-2012, 08:00 PM)

In the FWIW column: I picked up a Remlim GBL about two months ago.

- I like the laminate stock work they did (so did several of the "old guys" amongst my Range Officers)
- I like the oversize lever loop design (as compared to my 39A and `94)
- I like the absolutely flawless feeding of those big 45-70 cases.... smoothest I've ever felt... fast or slow
- I wasn't too keen on the 8½ lb trigger, so I HappyTriggered & re main-springed it to 3½
- The stock iron sights weren't too bad, but I put a WilliamsFP peep on it to establish load preferences.
- (then my mid 60's eyes finally said "...put a lo-pwr Leupold on it, stupid...."

- Finally, I like the way it puts lead (real lead) downrange:
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