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GeauxTide, if you want to do away with that 6# trigger take a look at this one. In my gun it brakes like glass at 2#.

Guys, I checked the sight on my SBL. I don't think there was anything wrong with it but since I've been using a scope I though I may have overlooked a lean. There is none. It's straight! Scope rail came off easily and alined perfectly with the holes in the breach and the stud that is dovetailed in the barrel.There are no scratches or dents in the rifle anywhere. Screw heads are all prefect. Since I dissembled the breach to install the trigger I know what it looks like in there. While it's not polished like the outside it's not like sandpaper either. The leaver and bolt work smoothly. The rifling looks like rifling. It's been cleaned several times and it's not hard to clean. I shoot JHP and the copper comes out pretty easily.

All I can say is I feel for the guy. I've been there with other products (automobile my mother bough in the 80s) but it looks like I goat a good 1895 SBL.

I could whine about the rail shaking loose but I had a Savage bolt gun do the same thing and my 700 that "I" put the rail on shook loose. People will tell you not to use red LockTite. Well the blue shook lose. I now use red on base screws.
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