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.36 Caliber

This just might be the best caliber for all around shooting! It shoots at near 1000 fps giving good clothing penetration, god trajectory and devistqatingly explosive plinking drama! It loads for just pennies of BP or Substitutes and consistancy is very good.
The revolvers that shoot it are proven to be less finicky than .31's and the revolvers don't seem to need the major modifications to the capping groove that 31's do. You just load powder. wad and bullet/Ball, cap and shoot.
Very much as trouble-free as the big .44's are. Maybe this was one reason for the popularity of the Navies?
Ball and powder loads are fairly inexpensive with the .36 and should you use fillerAS [I] DO (TO SEAT THE [B]ALL FWD) Cost for such a miniscule amount pf COW is cheep! Wad costs are the same for all calibers.
WHat recoil?
Heck a .36 recoils less than a .22 rimfire!

Please forgive errors I am trying to master an "I Pad",OK?
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