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A different path

today I decided to head down a different path, one i have been away for for 4 1/2 decades!
I decided to buy a Home Defense Shotgun! A modern style far advancec from my old Savage Double 12 Ga.
I think I have decided on a Mossberg 12 ga pump with a full stock and 20" bbl. The additional barrel will be good for a couple extra rounds in the magazine and if I get an interchangeable barrel model, I will akso be able to take it afield for Hunting.
The main reason is for Home defense, firing #4,5 0r 00 Buck loads in order to get the best penetration and shock power from the shotgun.A Ghost ring sight would be ideal as would a nicee front sight. Most likely it will have some sort of light, definatelly a sling and for extr ammo, some sort of sling or stock mounted cartrige carrier.
As I age and as crime escillates even in small towns such as mine, you feel the need for additional security beyond a 2" .38. The Shotgun will give a high power factor across the room weapon and with pratice, hits will become easier to accomplish Granted the shot colum will be no larger than a coffee saucer, so you must pratice to concentrate good hits.
I am currentlly considering looking at Pawn SHops and in Gun Shops to maybe find a "Used" shotgun maybe even an 870? I want a pump because I want reliability. I also want to look for a 3" chamber and a barrel capable of steel shot, should I have to run "just anything" thru it in a pinch. My preferred ammo is listed above. I just might go the "expensive route" and buy a new Mossberg 2 barrel kit gun...
Either way this is a relativelly new trail to follow and as always the learning experience is 1/2 the fun , the shopping the other half!
I am still unsure of if to get a Muzzle break or get a door hinge purging barrel endcap? I have always admired the door purging devices.

Please excuse any mistakes as I am trying to learn this new "I" Pad, OK?
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