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Lots of good advice so far, dry firing is a GREAT tool. Also and I am not trying to be too elementary but have seen it too many times, hearing protection. The "apparent or perceived" recoil can be greatly lessened by good hearing protection such as foam plugs and ear muffs. Note I said perceived not actual recoil. Know before you start the rifle is going to recoil, its not going to hurt you, cripple your or drain your bank account, simply concentrate on that trigger and follow through, count to 5 after the shot just to get into the follow through groove before you move anything, your head, the rifle, anything, concentrate on exactly where the crosshairs were when the shot broke, see it in your mind the whole 5 count. Oh yeah and dry fire some more. Good coaching will certainly help keep you from developing bad habits that are tough to overcome later. Lots of us have been to "flinch town" and come back, so can you.
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