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If one wants to duplicate factory loads for .44 mag, H110/W296 is the propellant to use. While it does not work for reduced loads, it works very well for legitimate .44 magnum rounds and is very safe when used within it's parameters. It measures extremely well, and is impossible to double charge. It fills the case and is easy to see when a case is charged. My most accurate loads in all my magnum calibers use H110/W296. Problems occur with H110/W296 when folks don't follow published guidelines. Starting below minimum loads and not using the recommended magnum primers may cause squibs, thus leaving an obstruction in the barrel for the next round. Don't think one can get enough H110/W296 in a magnum handgun case to blow a gun up by too much pressure, especially a Ruger. Folks that load for Ruger Carbines and DEs many times cannot get their fireartms to cycle with powders other than H110/W2906. Another powder that is very accurate in .44 mag long pipe revolvers, measures extremely well and is virtually impossible to overcharge is IMR4227. My favorite loads with it are just under to slightly compressed. Like 2400 it can be safely downloaded and uses standard primers. Both H110/W296 and IMR4227 like a consistent firm crimp for best accuracy. If you want plinkers.....stick with Unique.
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