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Sorry, output, but the volume knob should be off to your right somewhere. Or, as a buddy said when we went to see the Moody Blues a few weeks ago, (Yes, they ARE still touring), "It's too what?"
I really added music to make it less boring...gee, he fired another round...*yawn*, he fired another round...*scratch*...

Hook686, my handguns aren't just for self defense...I also have fun with them. I was fortunate enough to be shooting next to a family that had emigrated here from England 5 years prior, and we had a lively discussion. They had no illusions about "gun safety", and they were practicing on man sized silhouette targets at 10-15 yards. I, on the other hand, was seeing how far I could push myself, and still make reasonable contact with a reactive target. I like that instant feedback.
Would I ever have to "engage" a target at 50 yards with a handgun? Great Scott, I hope not, but it's nice to know I can expect to possibly hit something out that far, given plenty of time to line up the shot and they stand still.
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