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Dan's loads all look very reasonable. I'll refer you to Berger's comments on finding best VLD seating depth. Heavy VLD's usually wind up too long for magazine feeding and the most accurate seating depth for this one may do the same thing. It just isn't certain.

Based on Bryan Litz's dimensions for that bullet, the ogive is 0.688" long. That means you could seat into a maximum length case (2.015") and have a cartridge 2.703" long before the front end of the bullet's bearing surface began to go in below the case mouth. If one of the seating depth sweet spots turns out to be between 2.703" and 2.810" (SAAMI's max; the military's is 2.800"), then it will fit into and feed from any SAAMI compliant magazine configuration for sure. Many actual configurations will let you seat out slightly further than SAAMI maximum. So, go through Berger's procedure once you have a moderate load shooting, then see where the best accuracy lands.
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