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I'd say you're doing better than average anyway if you can manage 4 for 5 at 50-yds with a handgun.

As for why shoot that far? Why not? I routinely drop rounds onto the 100-yd rifle gong at my range with my 4" .357s. On a good day I can go 4, maybe 5 of 6. It's fun and it will show you every error in your technique. Why not have some fun and try a different challenge sometimes? And I find shooting 5-7 yards very easy and almost *boring* with my better shooting pistolas.

My standard: if you can't hit the head zone of an IDPA silhouette from 25-yards with a full-size semi-auto or revolver shooting untimed, slow-fire, keep practicing. (Yes, I know I'm now one of those Internet commandos, but I think too many people accept the idea that a handgun is "useless" past a few feet or 15 yards at best. Which the OP's video nicely illustrates is bogus.)
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