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Well, if I were you ....I wouldn't get rid of the gun....and you're shooting well enough with it, that maybe fooling with screw in chokes won't matter.

I'm sure Briley could fit a new barrel to the receiver for you ...but investing that much money in the gun ..may not be your best choice. But you might call Briley ...and talk to them ...if you wanted to pick up a 2nd barrel ...what would they charge to fit it.

Maybe in a different barrel length - than the barrel you have now...32" or 34" barrels are common on single barrel guns.

Or just keep it for nostalgia is.
Invest in another BT-99 .....or a Citori XT Trap ...or Krieghoff KX-6 or K-80 or whatever you want ....if you're a serious competition shooter...there are always a lot of very good used guns out there too.

Some trap shooters are a mysterious breed.....when they miss 5 targets in a season....they sell the gun.....because its lost its "mojo".../ vs us skeet and sporting clays shooters - we're just nuts, in general....
Hang around the clubhouse for 2 or 3 hours....and you'll hear about all kinds of wads, or whatever....that will make a difference...a buddy of mine, buffers his 12ga loads with "cheerios" as in the breakfast cereal....and he's convinced it gives him an extra target or two who knows....
Guys like me, that aren't even Trap shooters....have 3 or 4 Trap guns ( XT's, BT-100's, etc in their safes.....) just in case we want to shoot more Trap ...and even though we don't, we don't sell them either...until someone comes along that says they're looking for something.....

talk to the shooters at your next tournament ...

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