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for example, is it unreasonable to require new gun owners to take a mandatory safety course and test to prove their capability with a firearm? the way I see it, it's not that different from the laws surrounding car ownership. you have to take a test and demonstrate you know the rules of driving and most importantly, safety.
Unreasonable - driving on state paid roads is a privilege that can be revoked, while traveling is not. My right to bear arms is not a privilege, and 100 years of open carry without permit, registration or other illegal restrictions here in AZ proves it works well.

Is it unreasonable to regulate private sales, so that gun buyers would have to go through a business with a legally held FFL?
Unreasonable, as it is not your business what they do with lawfully held private property. If they are transferring firearms to criminals to commit criminal acts, well, we DO have laws covering those acts already. If I am not transferring a firearm to a criminal to commit a criminal act, exactly what need do you have to investigate what I am doing? Why should I be automatically assumed to be either incompetent or criminally minded with the mere possession of certain items of private property?

Is it unreasonable to require new gun owners to have some sort of safe or means of safely storing their firearms out of reach of others?
Unreasonable - safes are expensive and heavy. That single mother working a diner late night only had $50 to buy a Raven .25ACP, and no where to find the money to buy a safe or put it in her apartment. However, this story, (which did happen), would have had a far worse ending if she had - as while she was being attacked in her own home, her minor child was able to retrieve the gun and use it to end the attack. If it had been in a safe, both mother and child would be dead. I encourage law abiding owners to buy a means of locking up unsused firearms, and have even given away small safes and gunlocks to people who said they needed them, but I would NEVER make it mandatory. Not to mention, the safest place in the world for my sidearm is right there - on my side.

Sensible gun regulations? Sure, we'll use the ones that work - Constitutional Carry nationwide, elimination of GCA '68 and NFA '34, as they have both proven to be failures to stopping or even slowing down crime. Anything that purports to restrict my rights for the criminal actions of others is unreasonable on the face of it.

So I ask this again , how do we as a society and human beings let 20 children be killed and do nothing about it ?
Did you petition to ban box cutters after 9/11?
Here's one, over 500 children die every year due to misuse of firearms, and that is a terrible number. However, well over 4000 die of accidental drownings - I see no rush to ban swimming pools or "high capacity" bathtubs!
YES, it is a tragedy, NO, it's not my fault. Yes, the individual needs to be held responsible, but he's safely dead, beyond our reach. Do NOT presume to reach out from the grave and pluck at my rights and private property simply because madmen misuse their property, whether stolen or not. Whatever options you may wish to utilize to "make sure this never happens again", (I'm sure the parents in Bath in 1927 were of the same bent), the option of outlawing the possession of lawful Constitutionally protected personal property is off the table.

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